What if we are the Devine?

What if we are the symbology of the Holy Trinity?

What if we are the Holy Spirit?

This all came to me the recently in a dream. In this dream I was sitting in a group, I posed the question “who is God” the response I got was “YOU are”. The person to my right said about the Dantian, the upper dantian – the mind, the middle dantian – emotion and lower dantien physical. That resonated with me as the mental, emotional and physical are 3 of my principles for wholistic health. The same person said the words “ethic surgery” and that is my 4th princpal, Spiritual.

The symbology of the ethic surgery is to cut away that energy that no longer serves any value to your health. This is kind of profound, how much energy are you carting around that is having an impact on how you move, feel, think or connect to yourself.

Back to my original questions and I’ll put it out there I was raised as a Roman Catholic, doing the whole Alter-boy and church thing, including the school I went to taught Latin. I worked out at a young age I liked girls too much to become a priest ;-).

Now where was I? Later in dream state or channelling call it what you want. I felt a change in the symbology of the act of blessing myself with the action of the cross. The action is with your left hand on your solar plexus, you use your right hand to touch your forehead, then touch your lower abdominal, going to your right shoulder across to left shoulder with the words “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit”. To me it became “The Adult, The Child, bringing together Divine Love”. The bringing together of Devine Love is the masculine and feminine energies of the heart, your essence, your spirit.

We, that is; you and I, have the adult, the child and the divine love in us. We are the Holy Trinity, yet we seek it in all these other things. Why is that? I don’t know…

As it is said ‘to love yourself is to love others and to love others is to love yourself’ in my words as we create so are we created.

For me this also equated to my learning of the Chakras, the 3rd Eye, the Sacral and across the Heart with and hand on the Solar Plexus. The right of knowing, the right of feeling and the right of the loving brought together from the masculine and feminie.

My words above are not to seek answers more so to provoke thought and more questions.

As above, so below, as within so without.